Scrapbooking as a passion

This is my first addiction..I am totally committed to scrapping. Everything that crosses me reminds me that i need to document my existance and what I stood for. It is to remind my kids that i had a life and eventhough they were unaware of every aspect, non the less it took place. I have several books, some begin in childhood stages and some begin at my emancipation stage “read: beginning college`
I have begun to finally use the millions of dollars in supplies that I have been amassing over the last 6 years and can see the fruits of my labor. It is so exciting to relive a memory, doucment it and put my little twist on it ( well, it IS my story ;)…) All of the concert ticket stubbs ( Rick Springfield, The Jackson 5 and N’SYNC, lol have finally taken their pages in my history.

I have begun to research the origins of the scrapbooking phenomenon and I am not sure that the first scrappers were really as obsessed as we are with embellishments, diecuts and fibers…Sometimes the ornamentation was a lock of hair or a small drawing with a story to support the record. In other words, keeping it simple. On the other hand, I am sure that if our forescrappers had Creative Memories, MAMBI and Ebay, they would have turned out a slightly more exciting page. More is better and there is no over embellishing!

The kids martial arts training, my knee operation, Midsommar in Sweden, honeymoon in Hawaii… all on film… someday bound recorded and embellished in the albums. The albums lovingly arranged on the shelves, the shelves meticulously free of dust and lighted… oh well, I can dream, cant I?


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