Creative Concepts

My kompis, Jeanette and i discovered that book binding tape makes excellent page decorations and of course…it is now through the roof in terms of being a scrapbook supply. Sigh… if only we had discovered this earlier… Brads. we have begun to hit the local flea market (loppis marknad) in sweden in search of old kodak film slid holders…Covered with fabric and or paper make excellent embellishments. Hop on this before they are all sucked up. J and I are FIRM believers in the hot glue gun… aka varm lim pistol in swedish… Don’t be afraid to kill that horse, folks. When that embellishment will not stick with that double faced tape, pop dot, etc…it is time to bring out the big gun, the lim pistol. Hot glue will stick faster than stink on crap and it is nearly invisible…and in the long run who gives a hairy rat’s posterior if if lasts 75 years or 80? You’re long gone and the technology will exist where we will save it on a photo disk with wookie grunts inbetween perpetual memory making fonts…

Also, we have discovered that wall paper makes a really good background! Don’t know how acid free it is but is sure as hell comes in a right nice selection and pattern…some of our best stuff has been made with contraband items…(contraband in terms of the fact that NOTHING lasts forever and after i am gone, I am SURE that my kids will not care if it is acid free or lignin free) Ya gotta pay the cost to be the boss! You see all of those expensive layouts with starchild fibers“ and ´point of no return` papers`highlighted with creative thought stickers and Mr.Yuckman cutouts…you know the drill…


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