a new source in Sweden

Those of us who live her in the vast wilderness know that there are very few places that you can get a real deal on scrap and hobby supplies. Panduro hobby, which is the big gun is really expensive compared to my old stomping grounds in America. I have discovered Brunsons papper and scrapbooks (www.brunsons.se) and not only are they a tad more reasonable…they seem to have ample stock of stuff in! I am dying to buy a Sizzix but i am saving my kidney for the college fund contribution (anybody out there in cyber space wanna make a trade?) All of the items I want to order from NJ I have to pay duty on so that is also cost prohibitive… I miss the states and my never wanting for anything…I miss 24 hour supermarkets that sell liquor and patio furniture…I miss Target and Nordstroms and buying cold medicine over the counter…sigh. Luckily for me i planned ahead and brought with me over 3,000 bucks worth of stuff ( don’t tell my husband) so incase of nuclear attack or major chain decimation, I can hole up for 5 years or more.


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