Paper…how much is enough?

As a consumer, I wonder whether my collection of paper will every be as deep as I need it to be. as a lover of the great outdoors, I am concerned about the misuse of natural resourses…(Good thing we have a lot of trees here in old sweden!)

By the same token all scrapaholics will agree that there is nothing worse than looking for that special backdrop to a photo, and only having one piece…having used that piece… or having a friend come over and scrap and they use the last piece! Paper and supplies here in Scandinavia tend to be almost 50%higher than in the US. We pay on average 93 cents for a sheet of paper that is 7kronor. My dream is to open my own store and offer classes by guest crafters and scrappers. All participants would receive 20% discount after the class and a frequent scrappers card that actually accumulates rewards instead of recording shopping data…We shall see. The future is closer than you think…


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