Try a little tenderness…

It never fails, as soon as I get ready to lay it all down to the page, a crisis envelopes me…No bloody seafoam green paper!!! ARRRGHHH!!! how can that be? I need the computer I say to the DH…I need to place an order before the store closes. “What? you gotta be kidding.” No, do I look like i’m kidding? “You must have the GNP of a small third world nation in inventory here and you need MORE?!” Here’s at least 8 different shades of green paper why can’t u use this…Cause it’s the WRONG shade…Look at blah blah…it dosen’t match the ribbon…”What about all of these he says… waving a huge binder of stickers…Why can’t you use a sticker instead? You must have the gross national debt of Bothswana in here…Nope. I say ” stickers are for suckers…I’ve moved on to bigger and better things, they’re called EMBELLISHMENTS and if you would just get off the computer for 3 minutes I could order some and this would be a moot discusstion… “UNbelieveable”, he says.

I could bring up the number of riding lawnmowers his business seems to need yet I get out there and develop my muscles behind old Gertie every summer, the first grass clipper ever made AND without electricity, gas or a canopy…grrrrr


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