Reasons to scrap…

Justification number 1.
This morning while watching one of my favorite programs (ok, you forced me to tell…it’s The O’Reilly Factor). Yes, I am proud to say although I am a scrapaholic; do-er of crafts gone wrong; a self confessed DIY failure; I am proud to say at least I am not a pinhead. Any-hoo..Across the bottom of the ticker text comes a blurb about a man from WA who moved to Botswana to help out in the medical doctor shortage…Poor bastard was on a wildlife tour and was snatched out of the canoe by a ‘Gator!…as we like to say in ‘Nawlens,(New Orleans for the less well traveled…) and for sump’in dat big an dat bold it is capitol G in gator!WoohHah, son! (remind me to tell yaw’ll bout me, Steph and Darlene’s excursion to the Big Easy one day! What a gut buster that was! :-))
ahem…I digress…
The moral of the story…If he had stayed home scrappin he’d be here to do a page on the tragedy instead of BEING the page…listen up folks, there’s a method to my madness!

Justification number 2.
I can’t STAND the thought of life going on without me. I positively REFUSE to put myself in harms way or stare danger in the eye ( unless there is the mother of all sales at Michaels out on 22 in Union) just to believe I made a difference. Screw that! Let somebody else put their S on their chest and leap. I am proud to admit I am of the faint of heart club and not made of such strong stock ala J.F.K. jr and Christopher Reeves. If I had that kind of juice, I would have someone to jump that horse for me, damn it! OOOH I feel the breeze in my glorious mane when that horse and I become one in gravity…`”What time do we land in Hyanisport?? Great! Just in time for the limo to pick us up from the tarmac and wisk us away to the safety of our “compound”. Safely ensconced in the bosom of our wealth and prosperity. Jesus, people! STAY HOME AND SCRAPBOOK FOR GOD’s SAKE! STAY HOME AND LIVE!! What more proof do you need?


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