Recycling and scrapbooking

Up at zero dark hundred today. Spring is coming to the artic north and there is little or no sleep after 5am because it is daylight. Reading one of my favorite bloggers, ihannah, she talked about a norwegian forest cat. Hmmn i think to myself, what a cute cat, I need one of those, then I can be crafty just like my idol, Hannah. Scanning the swedish ads, i find someone who is GIVING their Norwegian Forrest Cat away because it has fallen prey to a neighbors 15 year old bully tom cat. “OH BOY!!!! That cat is mine!!! I dash into the shower where DH is toweling off and say ” I need you to translate for me…this lady has a cat I’m interested in! After securing her sacred oath that she will not let anyone else near the cat,I can barely sleep…I’m getting a cat! YES!!! I can just see my next pages of me scrapping away and Boo Boo Kitty purring contently on my worktable…

We make an appointment to “see”the cat (one does not just show up in Sweden for anything except a fika (coffee and chitchat) you must have a time. We go hauling cookies over to the city, find the area, walk around the cul´d sac several times before someone calls to us and asks if we are looking for the cat. Oh, joy! I am thisclose to my new pal. We make the chitchat, she calls the cat, the cat comes (now I am really psyched! A cat that responds to it’s name!?) We offer a payment, they refuse, We then “make a donation towards the infant they are holding, telling them to invest the money in a savings account, for which they graciously accept! TRASSEL, THE CAT IS MINE!!!! Joy, joy, joy… We pack up food, carrier, a poopie palace with 10kilos of kitty litter and the cat. She is gorgeous. Now mind you, I am not a cat person. Never have been. But I am on blog ecstacy from my idols visions, thus they become my visions. In the car, Trassel sticks her paw through the kennel so I can pet her…She loves me…I can begin to fantasize of all of the stickers and embellishments I’ve accumulated and can decorate the beginning of our togetherness… My dog Tojan(long hair dwarf dacshund is immediately trying to befrend Trassel, much to her dismay. She hops atop the book shelf, between my porcelain figures and BEST Partylite imitation Tiffany lamp. JEeez, that was close. I take everything down and the cat stays there. I wake up at 5am and look into the living room and the cat is still there. I hear a noise next to my bed and the cat is next to my night table, I think we are having a Kodak monent and all of a sudden reach down to stroke her and Ouch!!! Damn cat scratched me with her teeth. I immediately begin plotting against Trassel and planning my revenge. If horses become glue, what do cats become?

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  1. Wow, you got a cat even before I’ve found mine? Lucky you, hope she gets along with the dog soon!

    Great blog, will come back! More cat stories please!

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