Somewhere ovah tha rainbow

Is it acid free gold at the end of this rainbow? Posted by Picasa
Sometimes we get so fixed on the end result that we tend to ignore the nuances of life that help us get there. That being said, I have decided to focus more attention to my lifes nuances. The twins will be 13 in May and of course they are trying my patience every second of the day. T1 wants a new mobile phone. T2 wants a new mp-3. For the record, this is mobile #3 and mp-3player #2. I go by a store to see about the mobile when I think to myself: self, YOUR mobile phone contract us up…Time to think about upgrading…Hmmn, I spot this fabulous to die for pink job with flowers and I think: “That phone is speaking to me” with that 1.3 megapixal camera built in, I will never be more than this far away from creating an exciting idea or scraplifting ideas i see when I am out and about! ”

I am certain that this wonderful Sony Ericksson Z600 is enough for T1. Power in the wrong hands could be very dangerous…ya gotta crawl, before you can walk!


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