Loppis Fynds!!!

We are ALWAYS on the hunt for a flea market (loppis på svenska) and although this place is very popular, I think i will keep it to myself for a little while longer! haha! I am not so good with a digital camera so I will try to describe the finds first there is this old sugar box. Back in the old days sugar was purchase by the lump and you shaved it down with the blade inside. This my newest treasure box (as I removed the knife). Next were these great underläggs, known as beer coasters in America. I plan on trying my hand at ATC’s ( Artist trading cards) which are 2 1/2 by 3 1/3 in size. The cardboard is really strong and I think there will be little waste (only 10kronor, about 1.40 usd.) I have seen these on the internet and think I would like to start a swap within Sweden! This great book on Scraps was found by my kompis Jeanette and i have stolen it from her. I LOVE bokmärken and do not remember them in America. I am on the lookout for all I can find, as long as they are cheap! The great little purple glass box was 20 kr. and I bought the aquacolor crayons for 5 kroner! I love purple everything and now I love pink, too! I have a new pink watch, wrapping paper and am bidding on a pink Chloe Paddington bag!!!!! (shhhhh, Dear Husband MUST not know!!!!!). Happy Scrappin and share some love on FLICKR!!!


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  1. Hejsan! Nice blog and excellent scrapbook pictures. Have you tried finding items you want on e-bay UK or even tradera? I buy most of my crafty things there. Panduro gets my support when they have annual sales.

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