I think that we have to change her name. My newest addition has wounded everyone in the family (we all love to complain about her but secretly we are wishing to be the first one she comes to!) I wanted to start to clean the Pyssla Palace, or at least my section of it when Trassel decided to pay me a visit in the office. Found 2 other interesting blogspots today, I’n not a girl, not yet a wino! What a riot! How to learn swedish in 1000 difficult lessons. There are so many interesting folks out there and I am just now learning to find them!

Is there a blog xpert out there that can help me? I have managed to distroy the setup that i had and it looks a complete mess! T2 has a nice 14cm long scratch I’d like to put up for you! HJÄLP MIG!!!


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One response to “SCRAPS the ATTACK KATT

  1. Scraps is a GREAT cat name for a scrapbook girl like you. Maybe Scraps the Trassel katt would be a nice long name, and the cat wouldn’t mind changing it’s name?

    Nice pictures. Hope you’ll tell more cat stories soon. I’m craving them!

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