I’m going legit…

No more breaking the law for me…. I have decided to come clean with my husband and the tax man ( known affectionately here in Sweden as Skatteverket). Having the craft resources to scrapbook my own 3rd world nation, I am applying for a individual license. No more retail for me!, no sir! Its in the front door of the biggest and best scrap shows in this area!!! YIPEE!!!! (ok, now if the DH asks you, we are stockhousing inventory for resale, got it?) He says I never use half the stuff I buy anyway…but how can I have the stuff if I use it…? HMM maybe I should buy 2 of everything.


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One response to “I’m going legit…

  1. This simply demonstrates what a good planner you are. Of course you won’t use it…right now!

    But, the day you say – I need a giraffe print border made out of acid free paper. Bingo! You’ll have it somewhere. And while you look for it, the house will get cleaned. Which takes less time than hunting all over the internet and kingdom come only to find it has been discontinued by the manfacturer.

    Solid planning, that’s what I say.

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