A new toy

Just received my new toy. The latest and best suppliment to my scrapbooking fetish. A Sony Cyber-shot! Now why do you ask would this make me happy? Because I’ve got 11 (count’em) 11 rolls of undeveloped film because that film developing company (which I should be a part owner of by now!) REFUSES to send me the envelope that will let me pay 29 kronor instead of 49kronor. Now before you jump to conclusions about the minute sum, remember…20 krowns is 3 bucks and the savings is times 11 rolls! My new digital camera retails for bookoo kronor so it was cheaper to buy it on Ebay, and have it sent here. The painful part was waiting for the batteries to charge…they don’t seem to be wanting to work. Still watching…DAMN! I can’t wait. Gotta go to the big city and buy some disposable jobbies…Damn foreign products! 😉



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2 responses to “A new toy

  1. Isn’t that how it works over here!

    It is cheaper for me to buy wooden toys from Europe through an American company; have them shipped at outrageous prices to the U.K; pay the 17.5 % VAT. And I still come out at 50% Off.

    Crazy man! Simply nuts! How does this work?

  2. A great camera. It has worked well for me so far.

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