Is that wine high acidity? Safe for scrapbooking!

Sitting here having a second glass of my favorite red,Laurent Miquel 2004 Syrah Grenache…boy is it good! Kids are asleep,hubbs is in the recliner, cat on the sofa and the dog at my feet… Boy, is life good! Even the most serious of us scrappers need to unwind. Even out the keel a bit. Check out my rag doll on Flickr! She is so cute! I had a neighbor in college that had one she had made. I used to laugh like hell at the doll when I went up to her room. She, Nancy Hunsicker made the doll for me as a present. I have loved her ever since and often think of Nancy. She was from BlueBelle Pennsylvania, USA…If anyone knows her, please tell her that I miss her and Athel is well! I couldn’t finish that second glass…gotta sort stickers or something….My new credo…IF I KNEW I WOULD LOVE LIFE SO MUCH, I WOULD HAVE LIVED MORE. ps for those of you that don’t recognize, that is a bag of swedish oatmeal…No Quaker Oats here!


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One response to “Is that wine high acidity? Safe for scrapbooking!

  1. Thanks for stopping by!

    (Yes…I saw you just posted…yes, it’s the middle of the night here…couldn’t sleep!

    A glass of wine (or two…) is the only way to scrapbook, my friend!–>

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