Javla webb säljalare!!

I ordered lots of scrap supplies and ran into only one bobo in the lot. A very large internet scrapbooking paper company thought it would be in their best interest to claim that my package was worth 100 usd when in fact it was only $47.23. Now this might not seem like a big deal to you, but I had to pay duty on a package that was worth half as much as they said is was! I am pis@%d WAY off! 30 bucks duty! Well, hells bells, I coulda just ordered another thirty bucks in supplies and kept it moving! Jesus keep me near the cross! Flabber F’ing gasted, I am!

Needless to say I wrote them a letter back and asked for their justification and a refund of my 30 dollars or 30 bucks product shipped to me…

I’ll not hold my breath while we wait…

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