Don’t get it twisted!

I seem to spend a lot of time with the bottle… Not just the occasional red or a brew, but I have started branching out and sampling the local stuff. This baby came off a bottle of swedish cider. It is like a wine cooler but a tad stronger. Right now, the kids are at soccer practice, the hubbs and number one son are asleep in the living room, and Princess Leah is dancing around with her light saber. T1 is at soccer practice and T2 is in the bed with a stomach virus. I managed to crank out 6 ATC’s for trade now I have to look up my FAVORITE swedish blogger, IHANNA and see if she wants to trade with me. Just for the record, hubbs has NO friggin idea how tired I am, I’m the one that needs to be nodding off infront of American Chopper right now! But, I just got thourgh laughing my ass off reading One Crazy motha, so I wanna keep my laugh going. Again, “don’t get it twisted” mamma likes to get her drink on, but keeps one eye on EVERYbody and the photoalbum!


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