Om sew confused

God, blogging is hard. At first I wanted to have a few laughs and see if anyone was out there lurking around besides me. Now I am frustrated because I want to scrapbook, blog, take pictures and read some of the books I read about on the blogs of others…but, alas, I have kids to rear. Learned a new acronyn yesterday SABLE (stash amassed beyond life expectancy) I thought this was an excellent description of my obsession with scrapbooking, photography and all things related. For example: My new camera comes with some stinky software that only translates in German, French, Dutch and Norwegian. I need new software…something that is compatable with mt fabulous HP all-in-one! Hubb dosen’t see it that way. I see it as nuturing my creative spirit, he sees it as a phenominal fucking waste of money. What can one do…I’ll bet you that Melanie Trump dosen’t blink when The Don drops a cool brick on a new toy or neck tie…after all, she’s given birth to the new heir apparent so she’s set for life. If only I coulda got past the hair.  Posted by Picasa


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