Why do the damn animals talk to me?

I feel like Eliza Thornberry.
The dog is always talking to me, or at least trying to. Hubs thinks I am crazy. The kids ignore me, but I can hear them. For example, dog knows that I walk Princess Leah to school every day and this means that he can go for a poop as well. Well today happends to be a free day (meaning somebody elses parent finally got up off his-her ass and did the kiddy parent accompany thing. The dog will not accept my invitation to go into the forrest behind our house and habdle his bizness. He is insistant that we will go out and it will be now. He is giving me sad eyes… I know that he knows that sad eyes will get me. Must be strong…cannot let animal dominate man… Oh shit, now he ‘s laying his head on my foot. This is not a gesture of love, but his way of monitoring me for movement… any flinch of my muscles is an indication that he has won and he will be running victoriously towards the front door. Problem is that I am on my 3rd cup of tea.


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One response to “Why do the damn animals talk to me?

  1. I swear that our dog practices his sad face, in the mirror, while we’re gone.
    In answer to your question; the animals talk to us because we’re MOM, and we do EVERYTHING! 😉

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