home alone…

Soccer has started, Hubster is out making the doughnuts and Princess Leah has gone with him. I am alone sans the wonder dog and the attack cat. What will I do? there is probably some TV i am dying to watch, but the kids have the dvd/vcr tied to some cartoon stuff. I can see the promise of sunshine but as a rule, we try to wait till the end of the day to predict the weather. Got some pages done. Saw some beautiful photos on Flickr and used several in a layout. Things are slow but the cards are coming well. I wasn’t always the creative diva you see here…. Back when I was making 75 a year, weighing 300+,sucking albuterol from a machine, riding everywhere in my minivan and squeezing into first class seats, I had hit a wall and the creativiy had stymied. Now, Im slimmer, poorer,jobless and healthy, but THANK GOD; I’M CREATIVE!!!!



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4 responses to “home alone…

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, glad I could give you a laugh! lol. I wish this sad little tale was based on fallacy, but unfortunately, these are the sorts of people I run into. hahahaha.

  2. I’m sorry…did you say something?

    I was drooling over the jelly beans…

  3. MKD

    Is your weight loss secret the jelly beans?

  4. Staring at the beans, withoug the means to have some is the secret…;-)

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