Jellybeans from America

A dear friend Lynn sends me a CARE package at least once a year and it contains a outdoor flag and JELLYBEANS for Easter. Somehow over here they don’t get down with the EBunny, mallow chicks and chocolate eggs…Kids dress up as witches and go (literally) Trick or Treating but they say Happy Easter…hmmn
Anyhoo, I have been sick as a dog but wanted to give my friend LYNN a big shout out and let her know that she is loved and I will be on point with something for her and the kiddies really soon! Now I have to figure out how to get these into a photo…



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2 responses to “Jellybeans from America

  1. Wow how trippy. Although I’m sure my kids would enjoy that just as much as egg hunting. Hope you are now feeling much better.

  2. What do they do for Halloween?

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