Everybody is (not) a Star

Spending the day surfing the net and checking out my favorite blogs. There is so much talent out there it is scarey! I realized just how in adequate my site is and now am a tad p.o’d that i am not as fly as the others…
For example: I NEED the tiara from The Queen and her Royal family! I must have the house that SD is building for The Kept Woman! look at the graphics on ghetto intellect..That should be mine! Yes, I am straight up hateing!!!! I am consumed with jealousy and desperately want to right click on their stuff and make it mine..except they would send the blogpolice after me and they would find me with my luck… I have started trying to broaden my knowledge of web site construction, but it is a known fact that I can barely turn the damn thing on, let alone add a tiara and background paper… i have offered to pay several people but they were afraid that I would want them to leave a blog designers logo on my newly tackyouted web page. How can I connect a list of 100 things that I want to do (especially when 51% of them mention or revolve around Sizzix, photos and scrapbooks? Where are my kindred spirt wise cracking friends that know these things? Can we make a deal or am I doomed to live on this tacky template for the rest of my blogdays…?

Looking for a new name…something that reflects my life…The Scandinavian (Non)Scorcher… Drottning Mamma, or ja, I am Sweedish, Ja!..Lord, i have too much time on my hands, but I can’t watch tv…PL (formerly known as “the hubster” but better known as PuffaLump;-)) is running a marathon PS2 match with the kids and I get to stay on line. One last thing..what is up with Star Jones? She looks a hot mess and I cannot believe that she is putting herself out there like that looking like death warmed over…Somebody needs to give her a BIG reality check..emanciated is not beautiful. I thought money was supposed to do GOOD things for you?


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