I keep trying to get out, but they keep pullin me back in…

Spring has sprung at last. These are the crocus out front and I almost missed them…It was pouring rain and I forgot I had take a photo of them yesterday. Had a chance to check out several of the larger scrap sites and cannot believe the pompousness of some of these folks… One was criticizing several others for merchandising, but was quick to toot her own horn about her publishings. One was ranting about the number of people lifting work from others ( as if there was an original idea amongst us all). I think it is so strange that this thing that started as a hobby for me and thousands of others has become a billion dollar industry. The battle is on for “our” dollars and the “newest” products are reinforcements (which we used to buy 100 in a pack for a dime), colored paper clips (that damn near blew my mind to see “pastel colored” friggin paperclips to adorn you newest layout… hello!?)), buttons in a “vast array of new spring colors and that match our over inflated prices! YIPEE!!!!! I bought a box of buttons from a thrift store and once in a while, I will get inspired and cover them with fabric or paint…VOILA!!! Matching paper and buttons… and to think that people PAY for these things! Where has all of the creativity gone? The goal seems to be to get your spread out to as many people as possible and then name drop every font, overlay and string you used to get there. When the large companies start to offer me free products for promoting their items, I will be glad to remember them in my copy. Until then if I like it, I use it, if I don’t, I keep it moving. There are a million sites and places where you can gleen inspiration and ideas without spending your life savings or mortgaging your kids futures… unless of course, if that’s what you want to do…If you have too much “stuff” on hand and would like to donate some to me, I will be happy to give you my address. I will continue to take it(your extras, mind you!) and my excess supplies (fabric, scissors, yarn, stickers etc) to my local senior citizens home. I am going to teach a scrapbooking class using discarded wall paper remnants…These people don’t care if it is acid free, many of them don’t have any photos of their own to use…All donations are GREATLY appreciated



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2 responses to “I keep trying to get out, but they keep pullin me back in…

  1. Scrapbooking is a BIG addiction of mine.

    I started a photo album (no scrap tools) but then I said – oh Ill add a sticker or two, then a new background etc) Now I am right back to scrapping. The whole point of the photo album was to stop me buying all these supplies!

    Its nutty
    I go once a week to Michael;s with my 40% coupon and stack up… HORRIBLE!

  2. Are you still feeding the addiction? I have not been ot Michaels in over a year…I am DYING to see some of the new stuff! Just so you know…I purchased a “photo album” today as I am TIRED of trying to find a “layout”

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