SWAPping on the internet…

Well as if my OCD hasen’t gotten me in enough trouble, now I’m looking for a webdesigner. I cannot tolorate these God-awful templates and I have no friggin idea HOW to do a web design. I want the world, but I need it cheap…I want flash but minimum expenditure. I also joined a group that is supposed to exchange materials amongst itself, problem is that I keep getting the shitty items, because they figure that I am some dumb Suede who dosen’t know any better…The most BOGUS stickers have come in the mail today. Some stuff you get free in Hallmark or at worst, some other sucker unloads them on YOU under the guise of a trade…Sound familiar? Not even Sandylion, which I detest! Anywhoo. I heard that in Buckingham Palace, the staff is asked to walk on the sides of the carpets so that they don’t wear out so quickly in the center…Thank goodness SOMEbody is thinking!


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