Where has all the time gone…

Alone at last…
Thank GOD for school! I would become a basket case if my kids were home all day. I dread vacation time because that is when I have to switch to “Julie, your Cruise Director” as if somehow I am singely responsible for children’s vacation planning and entertainment. “Mommy, I’m bored on vacation“….*thinking to myself in a mean non caring voice* well, hells bells, so am I! Think I’m having the time of my life listening to you guys whine? When do I get vacation? When we go to Idre (home of the vacation house) I don’t get to fish, I get to bait everybodies damn hook!!! Or MAYBE you all think I am on vacation when I realize that we’ve forgotten the condiments and have to drive 9 friggin miles to the nearest store just for ketchup???? OH, oh, what about the mosquitoes? There’s too many??? Sorry, next spring, I’ll order less… What?..Yes, I bought alcohol back from America, can I help it if it burns on open mosquito bites? (sidebar: Swedes don’t sell the 71 or 90% rubbing alcohol like you normal folks can buy 3 for a dollar in CVS or Target…We pay about 2 bucks for 8 ounces of 10% alcohol…yepper…there is bound to be some old geezer who wants to get his drink on at the local drug store)…I can’t help it if there is algae in the water, it’s not a pool its a lake….No, there are no extra, extra towels for showering and swimming does not count as showering…YES, you STILL have to bathe on vacation…No I will not rent a movie because there is no satalite here…Well I DON’T KNOW why we come here on vacation when there is no cable, No, we cannot take the snowmobiles to Farbror Åke’s house,there is no snow! I don’t care if they ride on grass on TV…Ask your father, he can explain it better than I can and in 4 languages also…”
Moooooooommmmmeeeeeee…did you hear me, she repeats, ” I’m BORED”…yes, baby, I heard you…lets go watch the Princess Diaries. Jesus…the countdown begins. Just in case you wanna know,the “countdown” is code talk between PL and me it is the date that the twins turn 18 and hit the road and Princess Leia is on deck at 13, so the horizon is near..I CAN*T WAIT FOR THEM TO HAVE A LIFE!!!!!


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  1. This is HILARIOUS, and soooo true!
    How did you wind up in Sweden?

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