born on the wrong side of the blanket

I have this fixation with the Royal Family. I swear I am a distant relative and don’t know why I live this mundane life and simple existance when I should be in Buckingham Palace having gin and tonic with Her Imperial Majesty. Fate has a strange way of showing it’s face. I have already picked out my outfit for the Summer Races and have a FABulous hat that i cannot wait to wear. I think I will borrow those Jimmy C’s Oprah had on with the ankle strap. P.L. can take care of the kids while I am gone. Back in the day we used to be known as “Ladies in Waiting” and it was an honor to be included. Now, it is a royal pain in the ass to travel across time zones every other day to attend H.I.M. sigh…It’s a better thing I do than serving the “other” monarchy’s, if you know what I mean…


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