what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas

Nothing pisses me off more than to order something through the mail and not have it function. I am trying to familiarize myself with my new camera ( see the family blog) 😉 when C3(child number 3)says” can we eat dinner soon.?” Sure, I say, are you hungry? No, but we should eat by 5:30, thats what my teacher says. i say “oh really” ? Now normally, i could give a hairy rats posterior what “teacher” says, but I am intrigued and think maybe C3 has said something to the teacher that lead the teach to believe that she is on the brink of starvation. (you learn that kids say some pretty unbelievable crap when they are trying to buddy up to the teacher). I ring Teach and lo and behold, C3 has told teacher

we sometimes don’t eat dinner because mommy dosen’t always cook.

I try to explain to the teacher that we have a day of democracy once a week and the kids are allowed to choose what they want for dinner as long as it contains no added sugar and dosen’t require more than one pot. She explains that C3 dosen´t appear malnourished, but she has to follow up when a child says they don’t get dinner. I explained that the family had a meat soup, with salad and hard bread which was cooked in ONE pot, hence the democracy had already been established. Thanks for the explanation she says.
Damn kids. So much for democracy. You give ém a rope and they wanna be cowboys!

Why couldn’t the camera come ready to work?!


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