I don’t wanna goooooooooo!!!!!

I have been warming this seat since about 9am this morning…right before i had my second cup of coffee and the belt broke on the washing machine *sigh* the warrenty went out 3 months ago…*sigh* Tonight is the big bonfires. The witches that go out on Easter are on their way back and in tradition, we light bonfires to show them the way home…problem is that with several hundred thousand fires, they get confused and lost so they don’t come back! (see the related Easter witch post for further clarification)
FIRSTit takes a good 3 hours for that bigassed fire to burndown to a reasonable roar that the kids can grill their hotdogs…Secondly it usually hovering over freezing this time of year so you sweat like a pig for the first 3 hours then freeze your cahones off for the last of it…
Thirdly I always have to use my best Longaberger basket which gets all covered with smutt from the fire…wah, wah, wah…..Why can’t I just stay home alone and blog? I’ll tell you why, cause Puffalump dosen’t want to drive so I get to be designated driver and keep the kids from being engulfed in the roaring flames!


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