WE’RE gonna be startin ALL ovah again!
We are adopting a baby girl who is named Taylor MacKenzie! We got the confirmation on Saturday. I was a little apprehensive at first. I’ve FINALLY begun to anticipate the countdown of the twins departure from home. My 2 extra rooms that will soon become my craft palace and my perpetual storage and scrapbook haven (*reality check*…they are only 13 in 2 weeks)*long breath* oh well, The baby will be one year old on May 23 which is also the twins birthday! Wish I had kept all of those fabulous Gymboree outfits and blankets I bought 8 years ago when I first declared myself finished with kids. PL is psyched and so are the kids! I slapped the little Lilypie counter up just to have a reminder…I look at it as another opportunity to add to my scrapbooking history. Check back and remind me of this euphoria when I start to go bananas.



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5 responses to “ITS OFFICIAL!!!

  1. Congratulations, I think?
    It shouldn’t take long for the “bananas” part to kick in. 😉

  2. Congratulations, you brave woman you! I just got my youngest into kindergarten which has been nice. I do admit though that everytime I see a cute baby my uterus pings. I might not be done yet, still haven’t decided.

  3. hey! you visited one of my blogs about a tea time swap. We would love you to join up – can you email me? the email address is in my profile (I think) – our swaps are so much fun ! had a look at your other blog about the royal family – you had me laughing!

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