Sieze the Day (and the photo!)

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I have started to bring flowers in from the florist and my garden. It always inspires me to scrapbook the photos but I never have taken any…now when I am out walking the dog I will often photograph the flowers of neighbors and friends so I can remember some of the beautiful things I encountered along my journey through life. I have begun to scrap my husbands motorcycles, things that we are interested in and just things in general that I want to remember. I have just joined the crafty loop and I love some of the things that these folks can do with one or two needles or hooks! Carpe Diem, people!
I exchanged emails with several people who say that scrapbooking has just become TOO exhausting and more difficult than it should be. Part of the reason I got stuck with the *insurgent* part of the tag is that I take exactly what I want for my layouts and leave the rest. I have no cutting machines, die templates, setters, miniatures doodads or the like. Most of my tools I have “borrowed” from my husband, swapped with friends, ( I traded about $20 dollars worth of CM and Mrs. Grossmans stickers for a hammer and setter and pad!); I cut out beautiful shiney paper from decorating magazines and antique /vintage photos and sort and save them for background materials. I have several nice wine corks I have used in layouts and also use them to add a dimention to something that I want to lift off the page, instead of popdots, which cost a kidney and a spleen here in Sweden. Sometimes I get the ” oh how do you know it’s “acid free”, well gee…, maybe I’ll check back in 300 years and see if that hot glue is still holding that cork in place! If my scrapbooks can survive my 3 kids, they ARE for life, THIS life, the one we are in and living and enjoying and hating and loving everyday…today.


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