13 Thursday Theme…My FIRST!!!


Thirteen Things about ME!!

1….I am my mothers favorite child and I tell her so!
2. I miss my Nana and brother Warren who both left me in the month of May. In tribute every May, I light a candle outside my house that burns for 3 days so that they know that we think of them in heaven and so that they can find me.
3.I love popcorn and have to have it at least twice a week.
4.I think scrapbooking has gone over the edge and is losing the fun element that first attracted me to it. It is more about using us scrappers for promoting products than helping us document and celebrate our existance.
5. My kids are really respectful and I don't tell them nearly enough how proud I am.
6. I am afraid of my cat.
7. I miss going to church.
8. If I had unlimited money, I would still spend several hours a week in the second hand stores, discovering someone else's history and making it my own.
9. I have met some of the nicest people I have ever know through blogging.
10. We have almost 18 hours of daylight and everyday it increases by 3 minutes until the summer solstice…and I can't sleep!
11. My husband's *pet* name is *Puffalump* or PL as I refer to him in blogland.
12. If my daughter is " The Princess Leah Skywalker Potter" does that make me the Queen Mother?
13. I only have 7 gig of music on my Ipod…I don't know where to get the other 23 gig from 😉

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2 responses to “13 Thursday Theme…My FIRST!!!

  1. Great 13 – I didn’t play this week – I was too annoyed….

  2. That’s a great list. Thanks for visiting my TT!

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