Happy Mother’s Day, America!

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Ok, I know I am late, but I want to wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day in America. Mother's day in Sweden comes in about 2 more weeks so we get to wait it out a little longer.  When we were kids, we would dress up, go to church, then run around the neighborhood trying to stay clean and collect flowers.  This was always a special time for us because we got coursages to wear on our (previously worn only one time ) Easter coats for Mother's Day.  We always received a red carnation to signify that our mom is alive.  If you saw someone wearing a white one, it meant that their mom was deceased and they wore it in memory of her.  When I moved to Sweden, I wore a coursage for my first Mother's Day and it was a white and red coursage…The white one in honor of my Nana, Ruth Catherine Murphy Smith and the red one in honor of my mom : Janet Elizabeth .  You don't know her, but I can feel a little bit better knowing that she takes up a space in this world.  Mom is a piece of work and has never been one to suffer fools kindly.  She is becoming cantankerous, moody, sassy, indifferent as want when one gets older…But my Mamma is STILL here, thank God! I love her and I miss being able to pick her up and make her go shopping with me…Forcing her to go to the movies and the mall…sneaking a lunch at TGI Fridays (and swearing her to secrecy from my kids) only to have her take a "doggie bag" home and get us busted by SOMEbody that was not invited!  One of my fondest memories is when I was about 8 and my sister and I were playing in my mother's high heels and applyiing makeup and perfumes while my mother watched us.  I asked her to sing her high school song for me and she did.  I don't know why that comes to mind, but it always makes me smile to think about it.



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2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day, America!

  1. Great 13 – I didn’t play this week – I was too annoyed….

  2. That’s a great list. Thanks for visiting my TT!

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