Something’s rotten in Denmark

File this under " what in the hell were you thinking?

For the last 4 days I have been literally ripping out my kitchen to discover the source of a foul odor that was like a cross between rotting flesh and a dead pet.  Since all of the 2 and 4 legged types were accounted for, I began my own excavation project.  I started with rounding up the "usual" suspects… the waste bin, the recycle can, the drain trap…the dish washer etc. to no avail.  I then took off the grill of the fridge and freezer thinking that something was spilled underneath, no go.  While reaching for a bottle of ketchup I opened a rarely used cupbord and was immediately met with the stench i had been researching for the past few days. "EWWW! everybody at the table screamed…"Close that door!" My sons, who had been asked to feed the cat several days ago, decided to open a large can (or 2) of catfood, replace the plastic lids and store them back in the drygoods cupboard.  When I asked why they had stored it there instead of in the fridge, one of them replied "well, we keep the other pet foods in the closet, I thought this should go there too!" the second one then chimes in "Well when I saw he had put his can in there, I thought that was where they were supposed to go"! PL runs for the airfreshener and a plastic bag, the Princess is standing on her chair hollaring " ewwww, ewwwww!"  The loudest dog on earth is barking because he senses the excitement growing and I decide to leave them to the stench, the clean up and the ketchup.

we're at defcon 3 peopel, this is not a test!

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