Where did the name come from?

Several places…

First, I LOvEd Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. I am one of those people who can recite the passages of that movie and The Color Purple when something brings back a memory.  *inhales deeply…uuuuuuhhh…* "Jus let cho SOOOUUULLL GLOOOOOOO!" anyhoo, I thought it was a riot and secondly, I am going though a transformation of sorts.  I have developed an affinity for vintage things and restoring antique/old furniture.  My babies are growing up and they don't need me like they used to…The twins turn 13 next week and Princess Leah Skywalker Potter (her name, not mine) is all about costumes, pretending and learning to read.  It's hard to believe she will be 9 this year.  I am learning so many things that I never had the time to think about 4 years earlier, let alone try to accomplish.  I use my digital camera EVERY day and blogging is now my preferred surfing of choice.  In another life, I was stressed, morbidly obese and asthmatic.  I had a great job, almost 6 figures in salary and no life to speak of.  Now, I am jobless (not for trying), the weight is going, going, I can laugh and sans the left knee that I took a hay bale in last summer, I'm reasonably healthy.  We're adopting a baby girl who has the same birthdate as the twins.  My husband works hard to provide for us all and I am one of the few people that can honestly say that I married my soul mate and best friend.  He is a piece of work and I could not be the person that I am without his influence.  We don't always see eye to eye, but after 16 years, you learn to pick your battles and when to surrender.  We've reached a level of comfort where we are not afraid to speak the truth to each other and we certainly have no reason to lie.  Yes, life could be better, I could work at some things harder, I could cut back on other things….I coulda, woulda, shoulda. 

One day (bc=before children) the hubster and I were discussing something related to the movie Mommy Dearest.  He literally could not watch old Joan whup up on those kids and asked me to turn the tv.  This coming from a former biker dude with tattoos.  I could not believe that he was so moved by the violence that he couldn't watch it.  I on the other hand thought it was pathetic that old Joan would wake the kids up for plastic hangers! ( We were awakened for not doing the dishes, or leaving a mess in the family room when my mom got home from work, so it seemed totally ok with me).  i called it a soul glow…something that makes you feel…uncomfortable, happy, special, awake, glad, nervous, anxious….maybe even stirs you to action.  That is what this is for me…my SOUL GLO…I'm happy to sing it, say it, photograph it, rap it or type it. When I look at some of my favorite links like Posey or ilbloggo …I am feeling the flow to be creative and celebrate my supressed spirit in some way that I haven't done before!  When I roll over to FLICKR..I'm looking for inspiration and ways to improve or step up my game.  Lastly, when I roll over to the ladies of laughter like here, or here or maybe even this one…I'm looking to exchange my misery for someone elses and often come away with something to make me keep going…something to make my soul glo.

soul glo.jpg

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