How old is old?

speaking from the soul… The twins will be 13 tomorrow.  After 12,99,89 years and $7,890  in infertility treatments… Our spawn will turn from a 'tween to a TEEN! While doing laundry today, I found a note in my son's pants pocket…" I am the shit" .  I was so taken aback that I actually waited  a second before I could regain my composure and leave the laundry room.  I know that I curse like a merchant marine and I know that public radio and TV are uncensored here in Scandinavia…But I do not curse in front of my children, nor does my husband…When I confronted him, he replied that "shit" is not the same in Swedish as it is in english…It literally means "crap"…I could  care less…this is MY child and I refuse to let this decadent non-value adhearing society suck him in under the guise of "freedom" or Childrens Rights In Community( BRIS) a group that says that there are too many kids that are left to their own devices…Part 2 2 morrow!


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