I’m still p.o’d

Back to the note…I was so not buying that nonsense from number 2 son about my lack of coolness and inability to grasp the slang of the Swedish culture.  If a word is vulgar in my native tongue, how in hell can another society use that SAME word and it not be?  Especially when the word came from my language.  This reminds me of a conversation going on on another of my daily reads.  When "hip hop stars" actors and the like in public places condone the usage of vulgar slang words…When do I get to to defend my position and say " Hey, *(enter name of famous rapper, singer or movie star etc! ) You don't KNOW me like that…Why would I let someone refer to me in derogatory terms as if somehow that enhances my self respect…or diminishes the sting of the abuse being hurled at me?  While I admit to having Eminem, EVERY 2Pac album, Dialated Peoples and Andre Bochelli on my Ipod; I can recite every track of Ready to Die…but I can wrap my mind and experiences around the distinction between living the life and becoming a victim of its fantasy.   My sons have a half brother who is caucasian.  Í know that he is not completely sin free, but having a African American stepmother has sensitized him to the stares…the "what in the hell are you doing here" looks.  While I have never done anything to warrant disrespect from him, I can't help but wonder…How receptive would he be to us if he weren't on the same team.  Are my kids really benefiting from the cultural transplantation we embarked on 3 years ago?  Do I have the right to be pissed off at 50Cent and or Fat Joe because they are leading mine and lots of other folks' kids down the road to hell with no glory?

No, my son…you are so NOT the shit, da bomb, or all that and a bag of chips.  And as long as I have breath in my body I will contiinue to help you try to understand the ramifications of self depreciating behavior…



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2 responses to “I’m still p.o’d

  1. I don’t have any children, but I believe I would feel similarly to you. Children don’t appreciate that loving guidance until they have children of their own though- sometimes anyway.

  2. I don’t know about Swedish, but I can definitely say that in “Hebrew”, shit is not considered a swear word, or anything anyone would be too cautious about saying in public. I think the reason is, that when the word goes into a different language, it is “emptied” of its original meaning, and retains only its “function”. So you can hearing people saying “shit” all the time here, it has completely emptied itself of meaning, if you understand what I’m saying. It is also the same with words in Arabic. We use LOTS of curse words in Arabic when speaking Hebrew. We use them as expletives because we know that’s how they’re supposed to be used, but I know that when Arabs hear these words, they cringe. That’s because it’s their language, and these words mean more to them. To me, they’re just some syllables I cry out when something goes wrong, shit! I hope this makes sense! 🙂 Or maybe we just take cussing more lightly here…;)

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