Who said Mamma ain’t hip?

Look at that face, Auntie!!!This is one of my favorite nieces, Jessica.  She is the sweetest baby little girl who is now 5 years old.  I have always taken care of Jess. Even when she decided to make her appearance 2 1/2 months early, Auntie was there to see her through.  New Years Eve, 2001 Jessica was 4 months old and you could hold her on one arm.  She was so pink in the face and we continued to sip champaigne, pass jokes and bring in the new year.  Later that morning, I had a feeling that Jess was not well…I insisted on taking her to the emergency room where she was admitted and stabilized with antibiotics and lots of oxygen.  My sister asked me…"how did you know"? I told her the baby was literally speaking to me and she said " Auntie help me"…¤ 1/2 years later, I still keep this same photo of Jessica over my desk and in my Ipod.  Of all of my nieces ( I think 13) she is still my favorite.  Acutually, all of them are…but Jess and I have a special connection.  Jessica Ashley knows when ever she calls to Auntie…Auntie will be there for her.  EVERY time i go past that picture or look at it…I say " Look at that face, Auntie"  i used to tweak her cheeks and say that to her…she would always smile and give me the most knowing look.  It was almost as if ,we were connected.  I try to convey to my kids that there are more embarrassing things than discovering that your mother thinks Nate Dogg is a fox, or that she knows the words to more Biggie Smalls records than you even knew he cut… Mamma can feel your pain and your joy.  Mamma wants to take away all of the hurt and pain but she always knows…what don't kill you will make you stronger.  I may not wear my pants below the crack, let my drawers hang out…or hang my hair in my eyes…but, I see. I hear. I listen


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