Twins, part 2

anmasqueradeinvite1906.jpgAnyhoo…I sit down and attempt to explain how the world works.  How young men are often easy prey because they fall victim to peer pressure and attemt to pressure yourg girls into sex and relationships before they are ready, emotionally and intellectually.  I could see T-one roll his eyes slightly and I said to him…There are some mistakes that you cannot recover from.  I don't care how much your friends tell you and or pressure you!  Your consciencious will eat you alive and then what will you do?  The twins really believe that they are "ready" to handle what ever come their way, but I tell you…I feel certain that they will fold like cheap chairs the minute the going gets rough.  T-two is being seen as a victim of T-one's rage and now all of the friends are choosing between one or the other.  T-one is the tallest, strongest and most out going, T-2 is shy (to a certain degree) more soft spoken and more clandestine in my eyes…T1 is always worried about what everyone else is doing…But Mom, "she" didn't put her plate in the dishwasher….He hasent taken the dog out,  yet."..´It's always everyone elses fault when something goes wrong, except his.  I said to the hubster, I would like to deep freeze their asses until they turn 21 or set up an arranged marriage and barter them off.  I hear that male children are highly prized because they will bring a wife to the family increasing the number.  sigh… Princess Leia Skywalker Potter insists that after her big wedding she is coming back home to stay with me and Poppie.  I assured her that married people  always move to their own homes but she insists that her husband must move home with us…sigh.  Think it is too early to show them my plans for their rooms in 5 and 8 years?


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  1. As the mother of two teens a boy 16 and girl 15, I know what you are talking about 100%. I still have too many younger ones to consider what I may do with extra bedrooms…but oh am I counting the days 🙂

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