Mothers Day, in Sweden

nalle.jpgWell, last sunday was Mors Dag in Sweden.  The kids offered to make me breakfast, but I had to go towork.  My husband said " we don't really celebrate that here".  T1 made me a card and T2 gave me a present.  It was a bear that I am sure cost him about $25.00, a sizable chunk of his birthday money. But T2 is like that.  Will give you the shirt off his back and then ask you if you are warm enough.  Just when I think that the lessons I try and impart to my kids are bouncing off the walls, one of them will light up and show me that he not only knows what time it is…but has a clue as to the feelings of others.  I was so surprised and proud.  This is what it is all about…the ranting, the raving the ripping out of hair, the repeticious speeches.  One minute of every year (or bi-annually) one of the kids will shine and I can bask in that love and pride until 15 minutes later when one of them reverts back to their nonsense and the thrill is gone. Oh, well.  I still have my bear. 


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2 responses to “Mothers Day, in Sweden

  1. And may that bear remind you of that sweet, precious moment that occurs snually (or semi-annually). Me? I’m visitng your blog today, to thank you for your comment over at Blue Sloth about my article. I knew I wasn’t the only one going through these feeling with my three children. *sigh* That’s why I started blogging to touch base with other moms around the world – right from my office in Texas!

  2. That was very thoughtful of him. These are the things that you cherish. I am glad that all of your ranting, raving, the ripping out of hair, and the repeticious speeches are paying off.

    The bear is just a little keepsake for now. The best is yet to come.


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