Thrifting Thursday

Thrifting is a term I have learned from the blog world for second hand shop shopping.  I LoVE to find something old and maybe historical that I can add to my Collection Of Stuff …I heart my stuff…The more the better…Yes, I am a pack rat.  I hoard, therefore, I have.  My husband is often repulsed by the sheer amount of shite I can accumulate but it dosen’t bother me. The more the better!  I have a jar with hundreds of buttons in it…Why?  because I use them for scrapbooking, cards, fast fly replacements…but mostly because I can.  When I was in America, I had massive credit card debt.  I will easily estimate that I had maxed out 2- $10,000 cards and a $5,000 on the down low that my husband did not know about.   I said a Hail Mary everytime I went to a store with him and had to pull out a card.  I know that he saw the statements, but sometimes a page would disappear, or miraculously get stuck to the one in front of it…( damn kids and their tea and honey ;-).  I used my kids as a beard for my compulsive spending.  When I saw a cute pair of Barbie sneakers at Target or a beautiful Rothchilds coat and hat at Nordstroms…Maya had to have it.  The twins ALWAYS needed new gym shoes, watches, back packs…what ever was in my line of vision became theirs.  They wanted new hockey skates…Christmas was 5 months away…payday is tomorrow…Oh, well!  These to-die-for draperies were on clearance at Sears!  Saving 50% EACH!!!?  I need 3 pair! Oh and this comforter will go nicely…( forget the fact that I took a parttime job at Ikea and Eddie Bauers before kids to outfit the hubster and me for life! Gortex shoes and boots, silk long underwear, flannel shirts….Did I mention that I got 30%off at Ikea???? Rugs, down comforters, plants, lamps and more glassware than Crate and Barrel ever sold! I had the best knives, plates…whatever,…once it passed in the warehouse, it was MINE!! I actually had custom covered chairs for the family room done…I was way over the top. Out of control and loving it… I would get grief from the hubster once in a while but as soon as we had kissed and made up, I was back at it…Ebay, (sales and purchases of 700! Thank you!), I had Gucci and Prada handbags…I would not wear shoes unless they were Bally or Sal Ferragamo…WAIT!! I need a purse to go with it…  Sadly, I began to deplete our savings and even went as far as to sneak take out a loan on my 401K to SUBSIDIZE my madness!  I forged my husband’s signature ( well, it was MY money!) and when the check came, I ran through it like Secretariat at Churchhill Downs!  I had my first pair of Manolo Blahnik heels (even though my weight was spiriling out of control)  and I strutted my stuff to the company Christmas Party where my assistant director looked at me like I was nuts! ( sidebar: she was wearing the SAME gown she had worn the previous year). I was on top of the world or so I thought… In March of the next year, my Outlaws called and asked if we were interested in taking their house.  It was a bi-level with 10 rooms and 2 fireplaces.  My husband said, no, we have no use for a house in Sweden.  The Outlaws sold the house and moved to a smaller one with a huge lot attatched so that they could grow their own hay and feed for her horses.  It was a testament to the fact that they had done their job, their kids were grown (2 boys/4 girls) and the inn, as we knew it, was closed!(to be continued, next Thursday!) Hollah!


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