Comfort is not only for shoes, but for the soul and the spirit!

desk.jpgI KNOW, I am supposed to be talking about my craftiness and all but I kinda like this soapbox thing I have going on.  I have always wanted to keep a journal but fell off the intent about a week into it.  While some people joke about being obssessive-compulsive, I sit here behind my keyboard as the real thing.  Sometimes it is managable, sometimes it gets away from me.  I of course have my rituals that I have to do, no matter what…( is the door locked, check the garage doors, is the cat in…dog?  I have lots of phobias too, for example, I cannot wear another person's gloves…I think that is SO gross (sweat and all); I hate to run out of anything so I warehouse what ever I can.  I miss Sam's Club and B.J.'s warehouse.  Sometimes I have so many projects running at the same time, that my brain literally cannot process it all, and I procrastinate because I am overwhelmed.  I think to myself if only I could "unjunk" my life and then I could get a handle on everything! 

My work table is so cluttered, I can't complete any projects.  I have an altered book I am working on, several Artist Trading Cards, of course my scrapbook layouts…yards and yards of ribbons that I need to fold up and put on the shelf; I have my pin collection on the wall:; pictures of my nieces, Star and Bucwild, Queen Elizabeth and Alfred E. Neuman on my walls.  The new mobile phone that I am not using because I had a flip phone for the past 2 years and now I keep dropping the Sony Ericksson K600i…sigh. 

But you know what?  I feel inspired…

This past week, I have exchanged  comments with some of my favorite bloggers.  They are just salt of the earth people but the difference is that they don't drain my spirit!  I get a charge from them instead of feeling liike a voyuer.   It is nice to interact with people that have something to say!  Sometimes, I need a photo and I can always count on Miss E  to do something cute that my kids are too old to do…sometimes I need to feel inspired so I check out IHANNA or POSY, both ladies that probably wouldn't give me the time of day, but I LOvE their creative spirits!  I like a little sass and or trash on occasion and I go to my folks on the links for that…

     Sometimes, simple is enough.  I just want to mind meld with folks who share my passion for life and lagom.  LAGOM (pronounced LA-gum) is a swedish word that means " enough"…the right amount, a lagom amount of scrapbooking supplies, eating enough food "have you had enough?" Ja, det är lagom!  * yes, that's enough!*  I always thought that I was wierd because I had no links to my page.  I didn't think that my stuff was interesting enough that anyone thought enough to "befriend" me or my site.   But I think there is some peacefulness in annonimity.  People have no reason to suck up, tell you how great your writing is or how fabulous your site is…They come for the message and leave you one of peace.  A kind of comfort…knowing that someones are there with you and for you.  I promise, it won't always be a smooth ride.  But I will enjoy it while I can.



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2 responses to “Comfort is not only for shoes, but for the soul and the spirit!

  1. Hey, we all have numerous of things that we have to get done and don’t due to overwhelming thoughts, other priorities, and more than anything procrastination. We will eventually get around to doing these things, maybe, one day. If not, not too worry, enjoy what you can and will get around to doing.

    Remember, life comes at you fast…everything else is a MASTERCARD….lmfao, priceless!!!!!


  2. you have some fun looking stuff in your stash!! I haven’t been very creative lately, but am trying to be more so. altered books are fun- but I never really finish them, kinda putter out…

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