Your kids will take your last breath if you let them

Now, I am laughing as I write that, but it is the stone truth! The twins have both had 2 mobile phones each…basic message sender and phone first, then a better color job with camera, etc…NOW the little beggars have the nerve to lay stress on me ( sweating me) for my old phone!  One that I used and honored for 2 years before I decided to upgrade to a sleeker, fatter, BOMB also known as the LGU880!  It is all that and a bag of chips!  Yes folks, Mamma has arrived and she has done it in style!  The kids now have phone envy and I am certain that if I should be a victim of foul play in the next few days…you can be my witnesses!  Everybody is jockeying for position with me…Mom, Want me to scrub the kitchen floor for you?…Mom, I already walked the dog and fed the cat (?) ( hold, up!huh??? normally I am stepping over near death animal carcuses and the pets beg me not to go away and leave them again…) T1 has already set his sights on  my North Face parka (it was corney when I bought it 2 years ago, now it's dabomb…" Can I borrow your Yankees fitty? …no, you don't even like the yankees.." yeah, but nobody else has one in my class and I want to break it in for you.."

Look out people…watch your kids…once they become teenagers, they begin to covet your possessions…starting with a hat, then a phone…next it's the car! 



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2 responses to “Your kids will take your last breath if you let them

  1. Don’t give in. Keep your stuff for you…how you like me now T1 and T2? LOL….no really they had their chances, now you take and keep yours….but really, see if you can get them to do some more things out of the norm…since you have them under your finger….lol!

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