Altered books for dummies how to…

Ok,folks Puffalump is golfing, the kids have company and the company thinks that it is fun to help them clean the garage! Go figure???  Anyhoo…I am trying my crafty hand at ALTERED BOOKS!  For those of us that are not as crafty as those others out there in blog land…I will attempt to show you how the whole altered book thing works…CAUTioN! I am a beginnner; craftily challenged and am only on my second project…If you are advanced…go here . She is on point and doing things that I can only dream about. 

AB choices.jpg 

 First…you need a book.  Large oversized books with sewed seams work really well.  I bought 3 at a flea market for about $1.30 each.  Chose books that have nice artwork inside (keep reading) and old interesting spines that you can somehow incorporate into your project.  I chose this parenting book from the 70's  for its fabulous red leatherette spine with gold lettering (in Swedish) and a large coffee table book (about 14×11)  called Hello World…Look through the book first and save any images you would want to use for scrapbooking, or collaging later!  I also save these images for cards and making my own collage paper for scrapbooking. 

Second…using a glue stick, adhere 4-5 pages together to form heavy pages.  I have tried hot glue (too lumpy) Elmers white…(took forevah to dry, and was still lumpy! I don't have access to many of the products available in America so I have to improvise.  You can also tear out segments between the glued groups so that when you begin your collaging on the gluedpaper, there is room for the growth and embellishments you may use. Right now we should be looking something like thisglued pages AB.jpgMaybe 15-20 hard sets of pages that will be our canvas to build on.  Remember, you can remove as many sets of pages as possible…This is YOUR project you don't have to follow any established rules for design…  I have started working on the 3rd glued pages therefore if they become thick or need extra space, I can cut out section 2 and have pallets 1 and 3 for embellishments…  Think of a theme for your book.  I was going to do a golf history for my husband, then I wanted to do a sort of life journal for the kids, then I got to thinking…This should be about MOI!!! 

So my book will be about nostalgia and all of the olden days I missed, or remember.

I have a wonderful photo for inspiration and am waiting for permission from the owner to use it on my page for you to see! Here is an example of altered books that I have seen on the net and use for inspiration…



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2 responses to “Altered books for dummies how to…

  1. Love your tutorial! Thanks for linking mine. Hope you’re enjoying the BOD project. Can’t wait to see yours evolve:)

  2. I almost fainted when I saw that you had stopped by! What an honor and you are such an inspiration to me! (waving from Sweden)
    Hejdö och tack så mycket!

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