Flying and Old School swing…

orcg3.jpgI was researching some blogs on children with special needs.  Trying to figure out how much you reveal and what is kept close to the heart.  My goal is not to have a hundred back pats a day, but to deliver a message of how life affects me and mine…I LOVE movies; Grilling and Chilling; my husband (often refered to as the Hubster, Hubbs or PL; I heart my kids but not everything they do…; I miss my family, especially my sisters, who ALL need to be institutionalized! and my brothers (although not as much after the living hell they made my life); I miss alumni functions ( Spelman girl, West Virginia University;and all of the folks at the airport that I have worked with for the last 20 years…That was my first job out of college and I LOVED it!!! There is nothing more exciting than jumpstarting an engine, coupling up electric or planning weight and balance on a widebody load!  Just the thoughts of it make my stomach twist and my arms get a little tingly. 

If you have never sat in the cockpit of an aircraft with the runway in front of you, 2 stories off the ground, hundreds of lives behind you and nothing but rows of lights in front of you…guiding you to flight and to faraway destinations, then you haven't lived.  That is positively the most EXCITING, knuckle curling, heart stopping rush you will ever experience.  The thought that this machine, made of metal; wire; rubber; cloth and plastic can lift it's weight, the weight of the fuel, bags and passengers, on simply air. 

Anyhoo, I digress…

Found a "fabolous" web site that has lots of rhythm and soul to down load…If funk is your thing, than THIS is a must visit! How my old mind wanders!  LOL!  Tomorrow part " of Altered Books for Dummies ( or the craftily challenged, ie :me!)

Last by the way…If you have never flown International First Class…save your change and treat yourself…!  (ok, just a tid bit for you to enjoy) My husband and I flew to Houston Texas, caught a jumbo jet to Honolulu, HAWAII (sorry ;-)) once on board, we were given mimosas.  Once the aircraft had leveled out , it …was…ON!!! Out came the tailored flight attendants with warm napklins before the meal, then…came breakfast.  Your choice of eggs… fresh fruit, yogurt,more mimosa! , potatoes, sausage, bacon…….OMG (reminicing makes me salivate)All served on linen covered trays with ORCHIDS on the side…OK…I'll stop.



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5 responses to “Flying and Old School swing…

  1. orchids – now that is luxury!!! you went to Honolulu on vacation i assume? if you say work then i will have to come over to Stockholm and land the same job 😉 better-half and i only travelled 1st class once on a 6 hours flight to Africa, but it was worth it. And the best part? we did not have to pay for it – we got promoted because we were newly weds (awwww).
    thanks for visiting. which blog do you update more often – this one or the one on Blogger?

  2. Wow- you make me want to fly!
    I never have, nope, ever in my life.
    But you make it seem so exciting and scary at the same time! LOL
    I feel like I haven’t updated my blogger blog in ages – I just imported all my entries to this one.
    I like wordpress better – I see why you do too.

  3. Oooo! My DH and I are booked first class to Las Vegas in July. Not just because we’re cashing in our frequent-flier miles, but because that’s all that are available for the times that we’re flying. Woo-hoo! Who cares if it’s seven in the morning? I’ll take a glass of Chardonnay. Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. EJ

    Well, thank you for the shoutout, Regina! You’ve gained another visitor. Love it over here. Take it light.

  5. Thank all of you for leaving me a note! Erin: have a Great Trip and ask for ALL of the amenities they offer, LOL!

    E.J…I’m still fighting for computer time to download your links! PLEASE don’t take them down!!!

    Serenity…Serenity…In the great words of Beanie Segel “there’s nothin like it”

    C.A…The airlines are complete fools for special events, especially when you let them know in advance…Coach is for paying customers (snorting, well..that was before i became jaded for free)

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