It’s school closing. I found the Gesso!

maya.jpgThis is babygirl and today was the last day of school. Now unlike some parents that cannot WAIT till the kids are finished school, I solemly submit that I despise summer vacation and cannot WAIT for the first day of school this fall.  First. The kids are ALWAYS bored, secondly relieving boredom costs money. Thirdly, I now have to don the executive chef hat 3 times a day instead of the cereal, school lunch and only dinner to worry about.  Karate classes are over, there is no soccer to play ( until camp starts) and they expect to be paid for showing up in life let alone actually doing something…sigh…

Well, DH needs the computer (*mental note" my company needs a sewing machine, a sizzix and a computer…A.S.A.P.!* here is the gesso!gesso.jpg  I am so happy, I may just try and snort it!  LOL!!!!



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6 responses to “It’s school closing. I found the Gesso!

  1. Hey!
    Snorting Gesso?!?!? Wonder if that works…probably would kill to many brain cells.
    Baby girl is a cutie pie. Looks like it would take forever to do her hair!

  2. GURL! We started blowing it out at 07:10 and finished 40 minutes later…She asked me why don’t you have a hair salon like Aunt Stephanie (my sister) I told her it is because I don’t have the HAIR GENE like aunt Stephanie!

  3. Wow! I am as white as they come, and grew up in an orphanage with 12 Ethiopian girls, so I learned how to relax and press African hair. I’m looking at your cutie and agreeing with your friend’s comment! It would take forever.

  4. I feel your pain!!!
    My kids now want *hot* breakfasts – what’s wrong with cereal????
    And don’t get me started on the extravagant lunch requests!

  5. Hi gina, thanks for stopping by my blog, and the lovely comment. We are currently in the middle of school holidays, so I know what you mean. To top it off, my little girl is sick and insists on spending every minute she is awake with me. So not a whole lot is getting done here!!

  6. Thank God for relatives in other states!! When my now teen would be out for summer break I too hated it! however, for the low price of a round trip ticket I could send her to our relatives who are scattered across the US. She would fly one place and over the course of the summer would have traveled three or four places as my mother loves to travel! Gotta love the gradmothers!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site! Don’t be a stranger!

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