A tag for today…

I saw this at Jaded Sunburns and the damn Blog Explosion quit on me before I could book mark her site! 

5 things in my refrigerator:

1.3 liters of milk 
2. ground beef for dinner

3. a jar of olives with the pits 
4. Cheese
5. Eggs

5 things in my closet:

1. clothes I never wear
2. extra deo and shower supplies
3. a large jewelery box full of stuff I had to have and never really used.
4. a LARGE bottle of 90% alcohol that I smuggled bought last time in the U.S.
5. the to die for TOD's boots that kill my feet 

5 things in my purse:

1. my beat up wallet
2. Cell Phone
3. gum
4. bandaids
5. my good pen 

5 things in my car:

1. empty water bottles
2. Receipts
3. My son’s socks ( Kyle!!)
4. bags for carrying groceries(we pay between 7 and 10 cents apiece)
5. Cds



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3 responses to “A tag for today…

  1. Oh my, what are we to do with our sons and their danged socks in our cars! LOL

    I’ve asked him several times to remove the socks, and it seems they end up back in the car before I know it anyhow! 😉

    Glad you linked so I could check out your list too!

  2. Hey Gina – I’m here cause I saw you on Jade’s blog! 🙂 I was gonna give you her link but the wench was here already! 🙂

    Stop by my blog sometime, eh! 🙂

  3. Go to your BE surf history and Jaded’s website should be there for you to bookmark 🙂

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