What did I do before the computer?

thursdaybanner16.pngI have a ton of books and magazines that I am saving to read.  I have yarn, the GNP of a 3rd world country in scrapbooking supplies;2 cameras, an Ipod, fabric; embroidery thread and aida in 3 sizes;stamps and stencils;beads and embellishments…etc.

Due to my need to work, the altered book project is on hold until saturday.  The "boss" insists that he needs my help (again).  Today I planted over a hundred flowers in a mall area.  Sad part is that the big  swedish holiday ( Midsommar) is coming up and I am sure that they will all be gone by monday. I want to do my THURSDAY `13, but wordpress will not accept the code…sigh. It's a conspiracy.

13 things I want to do before I leave this world…

  1. see the Taj Mahal
  2. drive a stick shift car
  3. visit Ireland
  4. eat another Philly cheesesteak (w/o the cheese) and wash it down with a water ice and a pretzel!
  5. write a book
  6. learn to knit socks ( I pay 10 bucks a pair for hand knitted socks…)
  7. see my kids grown and with families of their own (ok..this is pure retaliation…I wanna live to see their kids become a burden to them!)
  8. own an apartment in La Jolla, California, of all of the places I have ever been in my life, THIS was by far the most beautiful!
  9. have unlimited resourses to help the young and the old…everybody else in between can take care of themselves.
  10. host a fancy party where everyone gets dressed up to celebrate ME!
  11. learn how to digital scrapbook AND own a SIZZIX!
  12. read the Bible, Koran and Torah and make a list of how they are ALIKE instead of the differences
  13. eat a warm Crispy Creme off the conveyor with a glass of cold milk.

It is the little things you miss the most in life.


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2 responses to “What did I do before the computer?

  1. Cool site you have going on here!! Sorry that my term made it into your car… but it was good that there were no kids 🙂

    Great 13. SIZZIX’s are just cool. I wish I had one too. I have done part of #12 (i am a religious studies freak, even though I have ZERO educational training for it) and am still working on it. Basically when it gets right down to it, the three are the same moralistically is that even a word??hehe).

  2. HA! I’m looking forward to #7, too- at this point, retaliation is definitely my reason!! I have no desire to own a sizzex or any of those- I so prefer to spend my $$ on PAPER and RIBBON!!!! I think blogging is taking away someof my creative time- but I’ve been working on it- last week I did 6 pages! which is more than I’ve done in 4 months.

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