frankiecrocker.jpgI saw this over at Kat's and wanted to keep it going…some of her answers were right on point for me so I copied them…LOL!!!

 know ~ I can be relentless and cold

 I believe ~ that you get as good as you give and that karma is a beyoch!

I fought ~ to break stereotypes of women  in management and for what?

.I am angered ~ a lot, but I take anger management tablets! I love ~ my family and my friends.

I need ~ to lose some weight (31 lbs) and I like to say 13 kilos cause it sounds better! I hear ~  Britney Spears says that she wishes the press would leave her alone…I just want her to stay home and stop trying to carry that big old baby before she drops him.

I drink ~ 2 liters of water a day and a glass of  red wine EVERY night to help me sleep…( can't WAIT for bedtime!) 

I hate ~ growing older.I use ~ a lot of profanity though I am actually quite articulate.

I want ~ to be a good mother.I decided ~ to quit smoking over 8 years ago.I like ~ rainy days… everyone wants to be depressed, but that's my time to shine!

I am ~ American…4th generation African, Indian, and French Cajun!

I feel ~ like my job is never done…It is too much to work, come home, clean, cook, laundry and payatttention to the kids. I also "left my home country to gain some sanity."I do ~ like broccoli, but NEVER with cheese on it.A little butter and salt!  The two deadly sins…

I hope ~ I live long enough to spend all of my kids inheritance, see my great grand kids and "live to be 100 minus a day, so I will not know good people like you passed away" That was a quote from my favorite DJ Frankie"Hollywood" Crocker, "The Chief Rocker" WBLS radio, NY. Check out the Chief Rocker open and close his program!

I dream ~ of sleeping 8 hours a day; a 6 figure 401k account when I get ready to retire;.of owning my own scrapbooking store.

I drive ~ With the music cranked when I can and I sing as LOUD as I can!

I listen ~ to lots of rap, country, jazz ,metal and R&B…Just discovered I like punk too!.

I type ~ so so  but can get by…Mrs. Glover of West Side High School would crack my knuckles…

I think ~ all the time. I never shut my brain off.I wish ~ That I could shut my brain off some days.I compensate ~ by hoarding craft supplies.

I regret ~ that my brother Warren Gerald Gordon died before Maya came…He would have loved her. I also regret that the twins have not had the benifit of knowing my grandmother, Ruth Catherine Murphy Smith.  a self proclaimed " little piece of leather that is well put together!"

I care ~ because I want others to also.

I should ~ be a little ruder to people, even if they are fuck-wads to me.

I am not always ~ as tough as as I think I am.

I said ~ I think that kids are not being raised to respect their elders and that they are being exposed to too much sexual stimulation at an early age.

I wonder ~ If I am wrong.

I changed ~ when I moved to Sweden.  I don't place such high value on material things like I used to…

I cry ~  when I am spiritually hurt.  I miss connecting to my soul by way of organized religion, LOL! I am not ~a person who carries a grudge, but you will never get the opportunity to use me again…

I lose ~ a little more hair as I get older.

I leave ~ a lot of things in the house undone…I HATE to clean unless I have to…only the kitchen and bathrooms are exemptions to me!

Tagging is not my thing, but please feel free to take this!! Please leave a comment if you do it D  



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  1. heh.. just so you know, me and Kat are two different people 😀
    Kat you can find at
    but i am glad you liked the tag thinggy!!! ;)We do have a lot in common.

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