We got spanked…

stl.gifWhat happened?  I know that on –"anygiven day any given team—blah blah…but WHAT happened?  It was like we did n't even show up to play…forget home field advantage…We shoulda taken it to them!!!  Sweden Choked…I ma hanging up my HeJa SvErRGE glove…(* seething…I know that the STEELERS wouldn't do that to me….)*


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3 responses to “We got spanked…

  1. I know how dissapointing that can be. i recently went through that feeling with The NHL. My oilers lst.. and they were excellent all playoff season. such a heavy blow.

  2. You’re right about the Steelers! I’m a Cowboys fan (I live in Dallas), but I’d never pay to go and see a game. But I’d pay whatever it cost to go and see Jerome Bettis in those tight pants! Mmm-mmm.

  3. Unbelievable! You’re a Steelers fan? I knew a guy who was all-out Steelers. He even had a tattoo that read “Men of Steel”; collars for his dogs, a decal for his truck, a watch. Even his girlfriend was a Steelers fan and they met at a pub that shows Steelers games. Have you found your fellow Steelers devotees in Sweden?

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