How do you protect your children?

plaster.jpgI am mom to twin 13yr old boys and a girl, age 8. 

Two days ago while going to the market, the radio was on  and out came Eminem’s new record” Shake that ass for me”.  Now, as a early rap generationer I think that I am well aware of all of the influences that this music creates and offers to our children.  ( remember the Sugar Hill gang, Grand Master Flash and the furious five…Afrikka Bambata?…(ok, that was my membership card.)

 In Scandinavia, songs are often played uncensored on the radio. Example…On Eminems song, do you know that Nate Dogg is singing…” I’ve been to the mother f’in mountain top…and I get’s more ass than a toilet seat. Just the thing I want my kids listening to.

There is a singer in Sweden, Eriic Gadde.  His new song is ” meet me here in the middle of the night….I don’t give a f%&k if it’s wrong or right.”…I’ll do anything you ask me tooall I wanna say is that I love you.”

Am I stupid or is there something SERIOUSLY wrong here.?  I am incensed at the radio stations, the government and everybody that just takes a com se com sa attitude.  Now what?  I think that exposing my children to sexually suggestive scripts is MY role.  What can I do?



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2 responses to “How do you protect your children?

  1. well. truthfully, nothing. But you can restrict what you find acceptable and make it CLEAR to your kids.

    Music is something that you are going to have a battle with if you push it though. Your kids will only want to listen to it more if you make it strictly forbidden to listen to.

    My thoughts? Tell your kids that you do not want that nature of lyrics playing in your house. And would really respect them for making the choice to stand up and be better people, and not give in to the herd. Tell them that music should be an appretiative tool, and used correctly can infuse the soul. Tell them that they are free to make that choice, and you love them regardless.. but reitterate the respect you would have for them if they just didn’t listen to that kind of degratting garbage.

  2. My husband downloads songs from the internet and burns CDs for me and the girls. They like modern music (read: rap, rock and R&B), and there are so many Christian artists who make every type of music. Toby Mac is rap. Skillet and Pillar are rock. So I always have that CD in when we’re in the car. When I’m in the car alone, I play the other stuff.

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