ATC’s my new thing…

I started making Artist trading cards several months ago and find that now when I don’t want the trouble of setting up scrapbook pictures, I can just grab a card and let the inspiration flow. 

I first saw the ATC’s on a site on yahoo groups. This site is one of the better I have found because it explains in simple terms what and why. ATC’s are ways to create personalzed art and trade them of display them.  I hate to part with mine, so I am probably not the right person to deal with, LOL!

 The only original artist work that I have is by Ozz Franka.  I own 5 of his prints.  The first I purchased was entitled Olympia.olympia.jpg

 It is a portrait of an native American Indian woman and I fell in love with it while sitting in THE INK SPOT, a tatoo parlor in Linden, NJ.  My husband was getting his first tatoo and it was taking a llittle longer than I thought it would…  I started flipping through some art magazines and saw Olympia.  I then shopped the Navajo series (3) and The Lovers, the only image he painted of a man and an woman.   Once on a trip to San Diego ( probably the BEST place I have ever been in my life) We went into an Old Town artsy store and I noticed a plate with the Navajo picture on it.  I called to my husband and showed it to him and the owner of the store over heard us and yelled to his wife”  hey….”they know Ozz”.  He was so impressed he took us over to his art gallery and showed us the original painting that the print was made from.  It was fabulous and I will never forget the feeling that over came me when a total stranger bonded with me over a piece of art.  I wanted to recreate that feeling for myself and that is why I try.  I am not good by any stretch of the imagination.  I will never be able to retire and live comfortably off of my earnings as a creative person…but I SURE do enjoy myself!the_lovers.jpg


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