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I have been surfing so much today (nearly 12 hours) but I have managed to clean my kitchen, do 6 loads of laundry AND prep dinner as well.  Lately, I’ve been lurking on blogs…something I dis like, simply because I think that no one cares enough to read my thoughts…Perhaps I am not interesting!? Can I talk about celebrity and superstardom to attract a crowd…No, I am first and foremost a family blogger.  It is what it is…I will never write well enough to be notorious, but I will be able to say what I want.  sometimes I rely on a little salty language but I try to remember, I am not expected to be perfect…just normal.  I love to laugh and get the biggest kicks from reading other blogs.  I just started blogging 4 months ago…I over heard the word “blog” and literally did a search on the word on Google.

I’ve been in hiding ever since I got here…Not wanting to commit to any one genre, status or subject. I’m a scrapbooker, a reader, cronic time waster and O.C.D. personality…I love to cook, write, dance and drink red wine…I am a mom, a wife, a sister an auntie and a creative spirit.  I am a doctor, a laywer, a gardener, a counselor and a CPA… I am a choreographer, chauffer and financial planner…I am a psychiatirst and pharmacist, in other words I am a mom.   But that is not only me.  What makes my soul glow is reaching out to other people and finding out what they are about.  Living in a country where the Queen’s english is not the mothertongue…I often immerse myself in the web to find comfort and likeness…I want to debate, disagree, laugh, cry and shoot the breeze with everyone.  I want to find like minds, kindred spirits and those so completely in the opposite direction that they wonder why I even bother to stop by… Hell, I don’t care if you put me on your blog roll…I carried people for 3 month’s just to remind myself where their link was.,,,not to show affiliation. 

People who adopt children  I think are often the luckiest because they have demonstrated a willingness to surrender to the unknown but at the same time,  they are taught to become parents.  Those that gave birth get no such help, but learn by trial and error.  Sometimes I make mistakes, sometimes I hit the mark, but either way I try to set an example of strength for my kids.

 I have been married for 16 years.  I met my husband the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 1989 and were married February 10th, 1990.  He is such a strong and accomodating man.  I  love him because he accepted me and my baggage from the door and never looked back.  He is not the tallest, the finest nor the richest, but he the father of my children and the one that I listen to snore everynight.  Once at a night club, some skeeze asked him what he was doing with me…he said “that’s my wife, the love of my life and my soul mate.”  I will never forget the look on her face and the love in his eyes.  I knew right then and there that I had made the right decision and decided that my quest for perfection had ended….after all, Who was I to demand perfection with so many imperfections in my own life.  armshot.jpg



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6 responses to “About me…

  1. THank you for sharing! I met ny husband the summer of 1993, and since we began dating, we’ve been dedicated to each other, as if we were married. When I was told a year later that I could not have children without extensive medical intervention, I waited for him to say, “Oh, well, I’ve always wanted children, so goodbye.” He did no such thing. We made plans to adopt when we turned 30. We lived together 2 years, never worried about birth control. On our one year aniiversary of marriage, I found out I was pregnant. So, by the time all the girls were conceived, carried, and born, I was only 28. I would like to send a portrait of my three daughters, with thier names and ages on the back, to the doctor who originally gave me such grave news. All that I would write on the back of the photo, aside from my daughters’ names and ages, is: HA! I’d love the DR. to know that I proved his diagnosis WRONG.

  2. hehe… you certainly covered lots in this post 😉

    I have wanted to add you to my sidebar to make my life easier too.. but wasn’t sure yet what the hek name to put you under! so tell me!! hehe.

    family blogging is good, and everyone has their own spin or personality that gets showcased. So i find you quite interesting.

  3. I want to get to know folks as much as possible with out losing my identity…I was never captain of the cheerleaders, or the like…I stand to the back and observe…

  4. I have popped by to thank you so much for the comment you wrote on my blog. At a time like this, all ideas, advice and support are so welcome. We infact have a line on the sort of mentor program like u mentioned. We should have more infor this week….Btw, You should uncross your eyes…they will stay that way if you don’t lol…u can keep all the other stuff crossed for us though lol.
    I also enjoyed reading your blog very much…I can relate to alot of the things u wrote about yourself. Congrats aswell on the wonderfull hubby…I actually just got married less then a month ago. I am 43, and although I had been in other relationships ie; my daughter’s father…..I had never married before. Was so worth the wait for mr, right. My sweety and I have been happily blissfull for the past 4 yrs already. With all going on right now, I could not imagine doing it without his support.
    I will certainly be back….have a great day.

  5. That’s one of the things I love about blogging too!
    Digitally travelling all over the world and meeting people who think about the same things, have similar ideas, etc! ^_^

  6. A round of applause for creating such an out of the way website.

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